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Back again for another kick at the can…

Local time here is 5 am and I’ve been up for an hour already. Today’s the last session of my 7 day yoga intensive on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – chapter one – Viniyoga edition. Wow – what can I say other than it’s enormous and it’s going to take me some time to integrate it into my overall yoga studies brain.

I won’t be meeting up with my study group for another year – about 51 weeks from now. Interestingly enough, there are 51 aphorisms in Chapter one. Perhaps if I integrated one aphorism a week into my practice… you’re seeing how this is all working out. Divine Math or something.

So there we have it – the intention. Does it, will it, translate to action? Who knows? These things seem to take on a life of their own sometimes. A couple of years back I was studying this material with another teacher (Jenni from Denmark) and we posted a few blog columns back and forth on the issues. I really enjoyed the exercise but the reality of work, work and work schedules messed things up for me and I fell off the wagon and then it was too much to get caught up. That and I was completely lost in the subject matter by the time I stopped. Frankly, I just didn’t get it and I knew I didn’t get it.

This year, things are a little different. One is that I’m farther along inside my own practice. Second, I’ve enjoyed a week of formal training in the subject. Third, work schedule’s not going to be so much an issue for the next while.

In December 2009, I got a chest cold. It was a doozy of a chest cold, grant you that much. I was infected from the diaphragm to the sinuses. Bronchitis, sinusitis, sialadenitis, labyrinthitis, otitis and pleurisy. My itises had itises. And for the record, the word ‘pleurisy’ comes to us from the Greek and roughly translates to “Holy Crap, it hurts to breathe!” At the time, I jokingly referred to it as my bout with “lung leprosy”. I was sick but geeeshhh… it was JUST a cold.

Well, according to the crack team of cardiologists I’ve been conversing with lately, “Just a Cold” left me with permanent damage to the muscle in my heart. I will spare you all the ridiculous details of the ensuing months but suffice it to say, for the next while, work is not my issue. I’ve been forewarned that ‘back to work’ will be measured in terms of months, not days. The experience has, in the words of American President Obama, been a teaching moment.

So, now, it seems like as good a time as any to be diving into the Sutras. My intention is to work on this material for the next while and I’ll see where it goes from here.

Thanks for reading and Namaste,



About Kate MacKay

I'm a certified Viniyoga teacher, in Fredericton, NB. I was a 9-1-1 operator and emergency services dispatcher for 22 years. Surprisingly, the two worked well together, or as I liked to put it, from the sublime to the ridiculous -- all in a day's work. I'm currently off work as a result of a stress-induced cardiac condition that's thrown a few crimps in my lifestyle. I'm not actively teaching yoga in the classroom right now and probably won't for several more months. That said, this blog is one of the forms of practice I can do and I thank you for joining me in this exploration of all things yoga.

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  1. dear kate, so glad to see your writing. partly due to the past inspiration from your blog, i restarted my writing earlier this year. i’m travelling in china for the next month and a half and can’t access blogger to post updates, but it’s my project for this one year average one post a day on this particular blog “quest to be reasonably good”.

    i hope u will recover well, and peace. michael


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