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Hi. My name is Kate MacKay and I’m a certified Viniyoga teacher, working in Fredericton, NB. Canada. I continue to study under Kathryn Downton of LifeSong Yoga . I graduated from her intitial round of teacher training in May 2008 and struck out on my own for a while. Health issues have kept me from actively teaching in the classroom in a formal sense since 2010.

This blog started out as a convenient place for keeping my students up to date with what’s going on. New workshops, yoga events in and about town will be published here. But after a week, it seemed to take on a life of its own. One of the big challenges for any yoga practitioner is establishing and then maintaining a daily practice. As a teacher, I think it’s even more important that I walk the walk and not just talk the talk. So this blog is about me, putting it out there. This is about my practice — the good, the bad, the days it works, the days it doesn’t, the joys, the bliss, the frustration.

I’ll try to keep the narcissistic navel gazing to a minimum.  And since yoga is life, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to ignore that other great part of my work life — emergency services. For over 20 years, I was a 9-1-1 operator for the City of Fredericton. It’s a relatively small centre, so we did it all — call taking and dispatching. I’ve seen a lot in that job and heard a whole lot more. The job content, combined with the basic hardship of shift work, did a lot of damage to me, physically, emotionally and mentally. Yoga turned out to be my route back to sanity and joyful living. I’m still “paying the piper” for the 25 years of toxic living but slowly, and gently, my body is returning to a state of balance and wellness.

In August 2010, I was officially diagnosed with a serious heart condition — dialated cardiomyopathy in med-speak — which has had an impact on my yoga practices in a number of ways. First of all, postural practice was nearly impossible when I was first diagnosed. Frankly, standing upright and walking in a forward motion was a major life challenge in those days. I’m happy to say that I’m moving  back into postural practice these days, but with a new perspective. Being “benched” and off the mat did me a world of good because it forced me to explore the nature of yoga OFF the mat. Chant, meditation, mantra, mudra, breath practices: All of these things are areas I’ve had chance to explore in the past few months.I had to spend some time THINKING about the question of “what is yoga?” instead of moving through the postures in a mindless manner. I’ve learned a lot about what is the meaning of “practice”.

Writing this blog is part of that practice. In some respects, it’s svadhyaya — self-reflection. It’s a means for me to continue teaching even though my health condition currently keeps me from the classroom.

Let’s get something straight right up front. I’m NOT an expert. I’m not an expert on yoga. I’m not an expert on life. I’m just one person making her way in this world the best she can. Yoga is one of the tools I use to navigate this life experience. It’s fun. It’s informative and I’d love your company on the journey.




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  1. Hi Kate! I’m Julie from Luna Presence Yoga! First, thanks so very much for adding me to your Blogroll. I will do the same for you. I think my students would enjoy reading your posts. It’s wonderful to have this sort of community on the web. Good luck to you and your practice!


  2. Kate,

    I think I finally have a handle on my blog that has transformed many times. (The shifts have truly represented my own internal shifts) I come hear to read your words as you have such a grounding energy and “real” appraoch to Yoga.
    Blessings to you this holiday season and into the New Year. When I have a moment I will respond more to your post about sacred symbols, as this is a topic I too struggle with–how I borrow from another culture.

  3. Hi Kate, Just checking in. Jenni told me about your blog and your discussions here. I’m digging into it. Peace & Namaste, kelly

  4. HI Kate-
    I stumbled on your blog and glad I did. I just started a blog that I wanted to title “365 Conversations with God” but I chickened out. Maybe I’ll go back and change it. I”m also a seeker, a person committed to the God path, and I’m a yoga teacher as well. All I have to share is my experience and POV, just like you. Rock on with your awesome self! Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Dear Kate, Never give up, always let go became the motto of my practice, and thanks for your sharing. It is only today I red about you and your path, the moment I m “deconstructing” myself and actually also the moment I struggle with health issues. I m looking for the moment of clarity and hopefully it will come. Happy to read you here!
    Sending you big hug and thanks

  6. Dear Kate,
    Lovely to locate you on-line and I do wish you all good in your recovery efforts. One thing about Viniyoga is that it meets you where you are . . . or at least that’s what I remember Kathyrn saying. Speaking of that dear lady, I have not seen anything about her recently – do you know if she is still practicing? Feel free to call or send me an email if you like . . .
    Many thanks,


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